Ionic Build Failure

I was working on my app Tycho, using Ionic 2 to develop it. It all worked fine until I imported all the quizbowl packets from the quizbowl packet archive. Then, the problem was that when using Ionic, it kept failing whenever I tried to run ionic run android. I got a weird error that said:
Execution failed for task processDebugResources.
After looking around on the Internet a bit, apparently it’s because of some file names I had had invalid characters.

So, it looks like I can’t use parentheses in file names and folder names. Well, thanks, StackOverflow, for a handy solution! I ran this bat file to remove parentheses from all file names I had from the imported packets.

But it was still erroring. I couldn’t trace the issue, either, since apparently the ionic build command ran gradle separately — so I couldn’t add the --debug or --stacktrace options to get more information.

This was the solution: CD to the /platforms/android folder, and do this:
gradlew.bat --info build clean --stacktrace --debug

Thanks to the improved output, now, when I search for to see if any files have changed:

Gradle build debug text

Ta-da! Rename this file and we’re good to go.

Thanks, Stack Overflow.

Note: Actually, this wasn’t all. There were several files that had strange problems, but after doing this step several times, it finally worked. Coding!
Another example of code failing in gradle

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